DevBlog #5 - The Eva Project: Model, model, model,...

Since the last blog, we always made some models for the flat. But… We also have a new name for this game "The Eva Project"… And a cool image to show you.

Let’s go

The new name

Last week, one of us at PROTOKOLL Studio made a wonderful wallpaper for this game project. Either this image is mysterious… At the moment :)

New stuff for the flat

We modeled some new stuff like a bag or a bed. We also try to test the lighting with Unity 3D and… It’s not always the result that we want to.


We added some content in this library but… You can see some colors of those books are… Not good to see.


It will be possible to interact with this switch

First test with the light. We need to work better on this.

A bag

Have a great day :)

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