DevBlog #4 - Project Eva : Started the modelisation

This week, we started the modelisations of the furnitures. Not all but 4-5 and we are really happy to show you what we’ve done.

We found some good references in a book and on internet and we started to put them in Blender and here are the results.

You will see that some models have weird colors… Yeah… The person who make (and actually write this post) those objects is colorblind…. That don’t help but we will fix that later :)


Take a seat, please


Have a tired day ? Take a nap


Would you like to hear some Jazz music my dear?


Mmmmh… Those flowers smell good

Attic & boxes

Final result (with the previous objects)

All of those furnitures are in low-poly style. For us it’s easier to create them and also good for the player to recognize them… We hope..

So, that’s it for this blog. If you have any c&c, tell us :)

Have a great day :)

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