DevBlog #3 - Project Eva : Blockout & References

Here is a new update about our game. The last two weeks, we worked on the flat and also on the environnment.

We started to find some references like a street, a kitchen and also a library.
Firstly, we made a blockout for the street (very quickly) :

Then, we though it will be better if we don’t add only some house around the flat. I remember when I was in London, we were in a flat with a view on a little park. It was so chill. We decided to blockout this idea a here is the result :

We also tried to model the first furniture with a reference. Aaaaand… We are a little bit excited to show you that :

And the result:

If you have any c&c, we will be very happy to read you :)
That’s it for this third devblog.

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