DevBlog #2 - Project Eva : Blockout & Story

For this second devblog, we will talk about the blockout and the story (we know, you just read it in the title). So, ready to know what we did ? :)

This guy is writing the best game story ever. Just kidding… Maybe not.

For our current game “Project Eva” (this name will be changed in the futur), we need a story. A story that can blow up some minds… But a little.

We decided to write a story who is good for us and the players too (we hope… That’s the goal after all). This first version will be used for the demo and then to have a feedback which we can improve this story.

Unfortunatelly, we can’t give you this first version… Because it is always a first version the rewrite and to improve. If you are wise, maybe the next week we will post a part of this scenario :)


You see that list ? Yeah !? That is just a part of the objects to add in the flat as a blockout

We also wrote a list of objects for the flat. This list will be helpfull to place the right object in the scene and to know if it will be a part of the scenario as “Can I touch it ? Can I take it ?”

So, those objects are just blockout. Here is a librarie as a blockout :

You can see the “Earth”, some book and a camera. That is not the last version of this librarie.
We also added some Wine and Bourbon… You know those English stuffs ;)

We also give you a link to a YouTube video with a better overview from this apartment :

That’s it for this second week of development. :)

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