​DevBlog #1 - Project Eva : Brainstorming & First Screenshots

For this first dev blog, we will talk about our new game project that we are currently working on.

For all projects, we are always doing that famous “Brainstorming” phase. It help us to have a better idea of what the game will look like.

And… Wow.. We have some much ideas for this project ! It’s just awesome ! But we also need to focus with our knowledges. We are just some indie dev and not professionnal but we want to dream. We will do what we can do :)

Story & Game Design Document

After this Brainstorming, we write this project on a Game Design Document. This document will help us to remember what is our goal, what we want to do and what we need to do with this project.
At the same time, we write the scenario. It is always a prototype but we can already say this game will be the best… Just kidding… Maybe… Mmmh…

Whatever. All we can say is that the player can travel through the time with a pocket watch.


This week, we made some blockout for the first scene of the game. Remember, it is always a “work in progress” :)

That’s it for this moment. Stay tuned for the next update :)

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